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We develop tailored marketing strategies based on a brand's unique DNA and goals. These are a few of our favourite projects.

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rAPHA - Women's 100

Rapha wanted to find a way grow Women’s cycling at a time when women made up less than 20% of the market. We developed a campaign aimed at engaging women with the sport and giving them the opportunity to join a community of women, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

The Women's 100 campaign inspired 7,500 women around the world to ride 100km on a Sunday in July. We were responsible for all social content, coordinated local markets, and creating localization toolkits to roll out the campaign globally for the first two years of the campaign.



Coke  wanted to re-establish the brand's relevance among teens.

We developed a strategic data driven program that would allow Coke to engage those talking about the brand on social media and move them into a loyalty program on their closed database.

The strategic approach was developed into a  program that has since been incorporated into all brand planning and relationship marketing at Coke. 



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Berlin based startup, Komoot, was also one of the first apps to offer routes optimised for cyclists and hikers.

Komoot's unique selling point was the quality of its data. It seems to find paths and shortcuts not even found on Google Map

To highlight the quality of the data, we developed an influencer program with adventure cyclists in key markets to show just how off the beaten path Komoot can take you.

We sourced cycling influencers and managed content development for use in owned channels. 

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